What Dog Harness is Best for a Dog Tie Out?

A choosing dog harness can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. However, when choosing the right harness that will work best with a dog tie out stake, there are several things to consider:

  • What is your dog's play style?
  • What type of material and buckles are there?
  • Are there multiple dogs playing at once?
In our experience the right dog harness for a tie out is very helpful, but first lets get right into it....

What is Your Dog's Play Style?

Is your dog active while on the dog tie out? Or, is your dog more docile and chill? Does your dog roll and scratch it's back? It is important to ask yourself this, because it determines where you want the harness to latch to the tie out cable.

Some dog harnesses come with a hook in the front, on the chest; and others hook to the back of the harness. If you have a chill dog that does not do much rolling around, then you can get either type of harness
When it comes to active dogs on a tie out stake system, believe it or not, many dogs get free just rolling on their backs with a harness on and somehow get the latch unhooked. It happens more times than one would think! Dogs are excellent at getting out of things - unhooking a tie out cable by rolling is nothing new. So make sure that you have the right harness that hooks in a place where the dog can't roll and unlatch the tie out cable. If you have a very active dog that likes to roll around, you will want a harness that has less latches or buttons to push. Which brings us to the next subject... 
What type of Material and Buckles are on the Harness?
This is important! It is important to note that when using a harness with a dog tie out, the quality of the harness comes into play. Some harnesses do not have strong clips / clasps; and some are all plastic is parts. Some plastic is OK, but not all is created equal. It is important to get a dog harness that features the following when using it for a dog tie out:

If the harness features Plastic Buckles the clip, you want to be sure they are thick enough to take the force of sudden pull without breaking. Don't underestimate the strength of your dog.

Check all parts that the tie out cable is supposed clip onto. Make sure they are metal, not plastic; ESPECIALLY for dogs that are 40 lbs and over! Some harnesses feature a heavy plastic to clip your tie out cables or leashes to, but this could be risky with a tie out stake setup that gives the dog running room to break that plastic D-ring.

Is the material dependable? Is the stitching on the harness super strong? You want a dog harness that has heavy duty stitching. This is because ALL of the most important parts are supported by the stitching on the harness. The latches and the D-rings that the leashes attach to are all connected to the stitching of the Harness.

Are there Multiple Dogs Playing at One Time?

Having Multiple dogs on a tie out stake system, like the Double Dog Run, where there are two tie out cables and two dogs playing, then a harness must be choses wisely. Remember, the more hardware, hooks and handles on the harness, the more there is for the dogs to get caught on. So, if you are choosing a dog harness for a tie out for multiple dogs, the choose one that has as fewer "extra" loops, velcro and clips. You still want everything to be heavy duty, but you don't need a handle at the top of the harness, or several spots to clip. You want your dogs to interact and play without the harness getting in the way. In this, case then, less is more! 

We hope we helped you to pick out a good harness that is suitable for you and your dogs. Make sure you read reviews and be careful, many companies out there will pay for reviews and they are not sincere- so use your common sense and find the right products for your dogs!


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