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What Dog Harness is Best for a Dog Tie Out?

A choosing dog harness can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. However, when choosing the right harness that will work best with a dog tie out stake, there are several things to consider: What is your dog's play style? What type of material and buckles are there? Are there multiple dogs playing at once? In our experience the right dog harness for a tie out is very helpful, but first lets get right into it.... What is Your Dog's Play Style? Is your dog active while on the dog tie out? Or, is your dog more docile and chill? Does your dog roll and scratch it's back? It is important to ask yourself this, because it determines where you want the harness to latch to the tie out cable.    Some dog harnesses come with a hook in the front, on the chest; and others hook to the back of the harness. If you have a chill dog that does not do much rolling around, then you can get either type of harness .  When it comes to active dogs on a tie out stake system, believe it or not, ma

4 Things You Should Have when Camping with Dogs - Rv Park - National Parks

Camping with dogs can be an adventure, however having these four things when camping or or at an RV park with your dog or multiple dogs can limit trouble and unforeseen adventures you may not want to take! Here we go: 1) Solid Single Leash or Dual Dog Leashes A retractable leash for walking your dogs is always nice when there are not many humans or activities around; However,  managing multiple dogs on retractable leashes or even one designed for multiple dogs can be very tricky.   One moment of not paying attention and the dogs are tangled and wrapped up in a thin cable that is hard to manage.   This could result in you looking, once again, like the person who has no idea what they are doing and just got your dogs yesterday! Now you are being stared at again for 10 minutes while you try to get your dogs to stop chasing the bikers, while holding the lock button on the retractable leash... while attempting to untangling your dogs all at the same time.  However, the neighbors and surroun

Understanding Pull Force and Weight Limits of Dog Tie Out Stakes 2022 - Best Large Dog Tie Out Stake

When it comes to a Large Dog or XL Breed dog, especially Pit Bulls, Huskies, German Shepards and other strong dogs, there is only one dog tie out that should be considered , the Double Dog Run . The best dog tie out for large dogs needs to have strength, security and made to hold large amounts of pull force or pounds of pressure exerted when pulling on a fixed object. Let’s go over some facts that are important to know. When deciding on the best tie out for Pit Bull or large dog.  How much weight can your average Pit Bull pull?   According to sources your average household Pit Bull can weigh anywhere from 40 - 60 pounds and can typically pull 2 - 3 times it’s body weight.   For this example, let’s use a 60 pound Pit Bull and say it can pull 3 times its body weight. That means a large, 60 pound Pit Bull can pull approximately 180 pounds.   How much pull force does a dog have  vs a human? Looking into other studies it is said that a dog CAN exhibit 350 pounds of pressure!   Looking furt

Best Dog Tie Outs of 2022 - K9Compass No Tangle Two Dog Tie Outs

  K9Compass Hits the Market with a Bang and Makes the 2022 Top Pet Product Lists in the 1st Year! In 2020 the K9Compass Tangle Free Two Tie Out came out of nowhere when it crashed the 2020 lists for top Pet and Dog Products!  After over 10 years on the market, now going on 11, has come up with the next best dog tie out!  The K9Compass was launched in January of 2020 and hit the ground running in its popularity for dog owners who travel or go camping with their pets.  After a few months, the K9Compass is now a part of the daily outside routines in many homes nationwide.  The K9Compass is expected to have great success as it continues to soar through the dog tie out stake market and into the top lists for the Best Dog Tie Outs for 2022.    "I am confident that after some reviews are gained on Amazon we will move up on the lists, but #3 is fantastic from nothing at all.  The K9Compass is REALLY the best kept secret of the dog world.  Now that people can find it an