A Celebration of Our Family's Loving, Honorable and Loyal Dog, Sheila!

Yesterday was a day of great sorrow and celebration for our dog, Sheila.  At 16 years old, Sheila is not only, loving, loyal and there for us as a family, but also accomplished great things just by being here on earth.  

Sheila has been an inspiration to our family pack; and I don't know if she ever realized what her presence did to impact other dogs and families.  She truly accomplished everything she came here to do, and so much more.  It is truly an honor to have been her friend, her family to be able to help her through to the next journey.

We want to thank and appreciate a friend
of ours Rebecca W. of BioTraceIT who has been a great part of the development, and a soon to be release PainTrace reading machine.  Because of this machine and her kindness to run the test for us, we were able to make a decision, and finally understand where our Shiela's pain was at... which was not good for even a human. 

"I personally tested the machine myself to see what my baseline was and watch for myself to understand the readings.  It is hard for us humans, because dogs won't show their weakness to their pack by nature; so you think they are ok, but they may not be ok at all.  Once I saw the live chart reading on Sheila, I understood her pain level.  It was a great help for our family emotionally and mentally to make this decision to honor our pet." - K. Wherley

We also want to greatly thank and appreciate Twin Valley Veterinary Hospital.  Dr. Jonathan Smith and his assistant were amazingly kind and had a bedside manner that is necessary in these types of situations.  They were sensitive to not just us, but also to our Sheila - we couldn't have asked for a more gentle and peaceful process.


Family Pack letter to Sheila:

Shiela, we love you always and are honored to have had you as part of our family pack.  You were an amazing friend, companion, food bandit, lover of bird chasing, protector of our home and guide to your younger, more hyper sister Roo and Feline brother - Bast.  

You gave us snuggles when we needed it, let the kids lay all over you and licked away our tears. Your humans will forever appreciate your dedication and unconditional love.

Thank you for being so strong and so playful that you helped our family to develop and make our products more safe and secure for other dogs and their humans.  

You accomplished more than you could ever fathom and we know that you will be looking down on us; continuing to protect and watch over us all.  

Thank you for being a part of our family and pack, you will be forever remembered. We are with you always, as you are always with us.   

-Love Always-

Your Family and Pack


Bio of Sheila:

Sheila was a Beagle / Boxer adopted from a rescue in New Jersey.  She was only 4-5 months old when Kim Wherley took the 1.5 hour drive to that exact rescue for Shiela after seeing her posted online.   As destiny would have it, Sheila would become a loyal fur-baby to Kim and Rebecca Wherley... and soon after, became the big sister to several small humans and would watch them grow to become pre-teens and teens.  She not only watched over her K-9 and human family for a total of 6 souls, but later took on a new kitten (which we feared she would eat)... but, she intuitively knew that Bast was to be the 7th member of her pack.

Sheila ended her beautiful life looking after a total of 5 humans, 1 k-9 sister, 1 feline brother, 6 chickens, 6 ducks and 3 birds. She watch her family grow, not only in age, but in number - with a total of 22 souls she proudly watched over in her last days.  

Sheila was an escape artist, goofy and happy-go-lucky dog that loved to hunt and steal food.  She grew to become a very strong, large dog with her Beagle / Boxer Mix weighing in at a total of 75 lbs at her peak.  

Sheila has been a great help to society and her k-9 family by inspiring the manifestation and physical creation of a system that would allow her and her sister to play free from tangling. She used there great speed, agility and strength to find every single fault in the product and inspired her family to make a better product for her K-9 friends.

Sheila was released to her heavenly home on October 12th 2020 at 9am by her family, surrounded by love, strength and compassion.  Her pain reading was at a 16 baseline which in human terms means:  on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst pain, our poor Sheila was at a constant 12. Kim and Rebecca Wherley made the decision together with Sheila to help their beloved family member proceed to her next life.  In her last days she stayed close to her family and was up more than usual, she enjoyed a last afternoon with her pack and was made aware of our decision.  It was observed that Sheila was grateful, thankful and ready to go to her next journey.  She will be honored by her family pack and remembered always.  

"Thank you Sheila, we love you!"


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