K9Compass & Double Dog Run VS. Other Dog Tie Out Systems: Price Comparisons, Weight Limits, Warranty and More!

K9Compass & Double Dog Run VS. Other Dog Tie Outs

dog tie out for two dogs
Finding a portable, tangle-free, high-quality, strong dog tie out that could hold your dog securely is a feat in itself. Finding all of those qualities in one dog tie out AND a 2-Warranty would seem absurd.  But, have no fear!  Double Dog Run is Here!  ...and we can hold not just one dog, but two dogs; and keep them from getting tangled.

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Things to Ask Yourself When Buying a Dog Tie Out System

There are a ton of dog tie out stakes, dog tie out cable systems, dog trolleys, tangle-free dog tie outs and much more on the market for securing your dog. However there are some things to ask yourself first, such as: 

  • Is the tie out made of solid, quality materials?  
  • Is the dog tie out strong?  
  • Is the dog tie out tangle-free?  
  • Is there a warranty? 
  • Is it easy to install?  
  • Does it require tools? Is it portable? 
We got on Google, again and began to price out some of the other dog tie out stakes and systems to compare them to Double Dog Run and K9Compass on cost, weight limit, tangle-free aspects, how many dogs the tie out can allow, can you get replacement parts and more:
Comparing Dog Tie Out Systems - Price, Weight Limits and Benefits
Tie Outs TypePriceWeight LimitTangle-FreeSupports Two DogsPortableWarranty
Spiral Stake$2 - $3560 lbsNoNoYesNo
Trolley Cable Run$12 - $40100 lbsYes & NoNoNoNo
Retractable Tie Out$19 - $3080 lbsYes & NoNoYesNo
Alternate Systems$35 - $112500 lbsYesNoYesNo
K9Compass$85up to 800 lbsYesYesYesYes
Double Dog Run$96 - $115up to 800 lbs+YesYesYesYes

As you can see from above the K9Compass and the Double Dog Run Tie Outs may be priced on the higher end of the market when talking about dog tie out stake systems, but they offer more than other dog tie outs.  Additionally, the fact that the K9Compass and Double Dog Run are portable, tangle-free, stronger than any other dog tie out makes our dog tie out systems the most cost effective tangle free dog tie out system around! 

The 2-year warranty is effective for anyone who purchased as of March 1, 2017 to present.  Earlier models do not have a warranty and we felt it best to ensure our customers are happier with our dog tie out system than any other. 

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