3 Thing to Consider When Building a Fence For Dogs

Building a Fence for Dogs?  There are some things to consider first...

Dogs are amazing beings and each one is so unique that no one can really pinpoint the capabilities of an individual dog until they are challenged.  Keeping your dog secure is the most important thing for the dog's safety and your sanity. You really have to know your dog to know what is best. In this article we will discuss some things to consider in fencing your yard versus using a dog tie out system. 

Let's face it, you could build a gorgeous fence and make it so that your digging dog won't be able to escape in that manner.  You finish your project and let the dog out, next thing you know... you didn't build it high enough!  Does this look familiar?

When deciding on what to do with your dogs to best secure them at home, here are 3 Things to Consider When Building a Fence for Dogs: 

  • Does your dog dig?  Digging is a big issue when you have a fence or just want to keep your yard looking nice.  However, a digging dog can escape a fenced yard easily. But, as long as you are aware of this issue and remain vigilant you won't have to worry.

    what happens when your dog gets loose
  • Does your dog jump high? Some dogs can jump incredibly high, but also use what is around them, such as adjacent wall to kick off of. Next thing you know your dog became a ninja! .. and is now loose... running down the road.  What was a quick, quiet escape, is now a long run of shame and you yelling like a mad person around your neighborhood.... 

  • Can your dog climb things?  I don't mean the ninja-bounce wall climb, I mean really climb? There is nothing like thinking you are just going to go use the rest room real quick when you have a climbing dog.  It literally only takes a couple seconds.

Have no fear! I too have had to take the run of shame running down the road; building what I thought was an amazing barrier for my dog to just jump over it, seemingly without effort.  And yes, although it is scary in the moment, looking back it is also humorous- but that is why I had to invent the Double Dog Run because I had not one but TWO escape artists! Check out Double Dog Run


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