Attention Rescues and Shelters 2020! - Double Dog Run

Why is the Double Dog Run a great product to offer your customers?

2020 turns a new leaf for all of us! With spring just around the corner, we are on a mission to inform as many dog owners , stores, shelters, walker, pet waste companies and many more about the our product and our new plans for this year!

We know that many people are going to want to get out and about to shows and are starting to ponder adopting a new family member into their home or they just adopted one over the holidays.  We are here to help make everyone's lives better!

We are offering many options for individuals, online stores, retail stores, rescues, shelters and any other businesses seeking to add something new to their inventory:
  • Unique Codes that identify your organization or business.  These codes can be used by your customers to receive an exclusive discount for our products.
  • Free link swap- we are all about connecting and networking with our partners.  We will feature your link on our site in exchange for ours on yours.  We will even post any events that you are having on our social networks!  Simply let us know and we will share your post.
  • Custom Banner and Videos -  We offer multiple options for promoting the products which make it easy! We can even customize a video with your store/rescue/shelter name and information which you can embed and share with your customers.
  • Customer Reviews:  Your customers will receive a 10% discount on future purchases once they review their first products.  This discount can be used for anything on the website.

  1. Build a strong connection within our community to increase adoptions and happy healthy dogs everywhere.  Together we can all make lives better!
  2. We offer a solution for dogs to be able to run freely and safely unlike any other tie-out / tether system.
  3. Tough enough to hold ONE or TWO dogs- we offer Small/ Medium and Large/XL sized systems.
  4. Our tie-outs can be used anywhere and taken anywhere:
    • Home
    • Camping
    • Creekside
    • Dog Sitter
    • To a friend's house
    • Events
    • Hunting Outings
  5. The more freedom we can have with our furry pals means a happy playful pooch.
  6. No fence?- No problem we have plenty of customers who HAVE a fence, but those frisky dogs that like to jump and dig have figured out how to get through.  (We know, we have one of those pooches ourselves.)
  7. Our product is NOT new- the product has been time tested with over the past 6 years with customers from all over the world.  Check out our Reviews here.

We hope that 2020 will be a great year for everyone as we move forward!  All our best to our friends, family and partners!

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