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Traditional Fence Vs. Electric Fence for Dogs - Price Comparisons and Things to Consider

Compare Cost of Fencing VS. Electric Fencing In this article we will focus on cost, maintenance and more when it comes to Fences Vs. Electric Fences. To make it easy we created these tables to compare the cost to build and maintain a traditional fence; electric fence; versus  getting a dog tie out .  We also broke it down into types of fencing to make it easy.    Fencing Vs. Electric Fence Fencing options may vary in material used to build a traditional fence, or there could be additional on going expenses to consider when installing an electric fence. Lets compare Fencing and Electric Fence options for dogs. Things to First Consider When Building a Traditional Fence With fences, there is the installation time it takes, maintenance.  Additionally, there are many who cannot install a fence due to home owners' association rules, building / apartment rules, zoning rules.  All this should be researched before beginning to build anything. Another thing to consider is

Using Your Double Dog Run In the Winter Months

Winter Care for Your Double Dog Run System Snow, Wind, Freezing Temperatures!.... Here are some tips for keeping your Double Dog Run in good working order this winter: #1:  Check your leashes for cracks or kinks.    The cold weather can make almost anything brittle enough to crack;  that includes any vinyl coated leashes.  Additionally, the cold weather can lead to kinking in the lines if it gets caught around a small branch that fell in the yard from the last storm.  It is important to keep your leashes crack-free and kink-free. Need new leashes for your system?   Get new ones here! #2:  Ensure the swivels on the leashes are working properly.   Corrosion and many other things can cause the clasps or clips on the leases to become hard to use.  Ensure that the clasps are working properly and closing completely before letting your dog go off to play.  Using WD-40 or any other type of lubricant can loosen the swivels and clasps up; as well as maintain them throughout the

Attention Rescues and Shelters 2020! - Double Dog Run

Why is the  Double Dog Run  a great product to offer your customers? 2020 turns a new leaf for all of us! With spring just around the corner, we are on a mission to inform as many dog owners , stores, shelters, walker, pet waste companies and many more about the our product and our new plans for this year! We know that many people are going to want to get out and about to shows and are starting to ponder adopting a new family member into their home or they just adopted one over the holidays.  We are here to help make everyone's lives better! We are offering many options for individuals, online stores, retail stores, rescues, shelters and any other businesses seeking to add something new to their inventory: Unique Codes  that identify your organization or business.  These codes can be used by your customers to receive an exclusive discount for our products. Free link swap-  we are all about connecting and networking with our partners.  We will feature your link on