How do I keep my dog from getting tangled?

There are many dog tie outs to choose from, however the best tangle free dog tie out systems on the market will be:
  •  Secure  - A dog tie out system should be tested for pull force on all of the components of the tie out system.  
  • Tangle Free - A tangle free dog tie out should support the athleticism of any dog allowing them to run in 360 degrees freely when within the tie out area.  
  • Dog Tested - A truly tangle free dog tie out will be tested on multiple dog breeds, ages and agility levels. 

Check out this video that shows a dog tie out for two dogs that untangles!

This video is of our very own dogs, Sheila and Roo.  They are now 14 and 15 years old and not as excitable as they once were.  Their strength and playfulness is what drove the Double Dog Run to become a dependable product for many dogs and their owners. 

How do you keep two dogs from tangling?  When looking for a multiple dog tie out, many will be designed to separate. However, if an interactive and tangle free experience for your dogs is what you seek, then please check out the tangle free two dog tie outs at .

Keep in mind that some dog tie outs could be strong enough to hold two dogs, but that system may not be tangle free for multiple dogs.  It is important to find a dog tie out made for multiple pets or specifically for two dogs to ensure the tie out functions safely.

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