Where Should I Put the Dog Tie Out?

What location is good for a dog tie out?

What do I need to look out for when 
selecting a location for a tie out system?

Other unique locations for installing a dog tie out...

We will answer all of these in this article!


Figuring out where to install a dog tie out on your property can take a little work...and a little math.
There are many options for installing the tie out so that your dogs can come to your door or play freely. You can install a dog tie out on the side of the house, by ensuring shrubbery is not in the way.
We took the time to help you out, by creating some diagrams to help you to understand some options.

Option 1:  In Front of the Door

If using 10 ft. tie out cables, the total diameter would be 20ft.
Another example is: 50 ft. tie out cables, total diameter =100 ft.

Option 2:  On the Corner of the House

Option 3: On the Back Side or Back Corner of the House


Be sure that all trees, limbs, bushes and other objects in the yard, including toys are out of the running circumference.  It is important that the tie out have a clear path.  The cables will catch anything in the way, so be sure to keep all children  and yourself out of the running area. The tie outs can be installed along walls that don't have anything the dogs can get wrapped around.  
Also, do not install the pet tie out close to a fence, the dog should keep a distance of 2 feet away to ensure it's safety.

Here are some examples of what TO DO and NOT TO DOs of installing a dog tie out:


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