Best Ways to Care for Your Dog When it is Realllllly Hot Out!

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising!  Many of us like to enjoy the outdoors and taking our  puppy pals with us on trips.  However, we all need to make sure we look out for man's best friend especially on those hot days.

double dog run summer dog

Here are some tips for the summer heat:

Don't leave any pet unattended in vehicles.  
Yes, we all should know this already- animals left unattended in vehicles for long periods of time in the summer heat is just...... dumb.  I really don't get how you can be that dumb and careless to keep anything living in a car.  Did you know on a 75 degree day, the car can get up to 115 degrees!

Puppy paws are sensitive- so keep them cool.
Yes, we all think- its a dog, they are made for all types of climate and their paws are made of steel!  Not true at all- in fact, walking on hot surfaces such as asphalt can be way too hot for dogs to walk on.  Take this into consideration-- if it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your dog.  Put some of those hilarious booties on their feet, shoot a great youtube video and go on an enjoyable walk!  It is that simple... and fun!

Water those dogs!
double dog run- dog in water

It does seem like a common sense thing to remind you to give your dog plenty of water on a hot day.  But, I am putting it in here just ensure that anyone who thinks dogs don't get thirsty in the heat can be reminded to give plenty of cold water when you are enjoying the outdoors with your pets.

More than 85 Degrees - It is a "no go".
Dogs are not sun bathers- although they may lay in the sun for a little nap, exposing them to the heat and sun all day at the beach or at the park is not good for them.  If dogs get to a certain point of heat exposure they may not be able to cool themselves off - no matter how much water they drink.  So if there is not a lake, ocean, creek or pool for them to jump into or a shaded area- leave the pooches at home.

dogs in the sun - double dog run
Sunscreen on a dog???
Believe it or not, dogs can still be damaged by UV rays.  Yes, they have fur, but those UV rays are something else.  You can protect your dog by applying doggy UV protectant sunblock to their coat.

Lastly we want to remind everyone that the Double Dog Run is for potty and play breaks.  We do not encourage or want anyone to use our tie out on their dogs as a permanent means of keeping a dog as a pet.  We encourage all our dog owners to play and spend time with your animals.  Keeping a pet tied out all day is not a way to live.  And we want all things to LIVE a happy and healthy life.  So please keep your dogs out of the heat this summer and let them enjoy the life they were meant to have as your best friend.


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