Can you cut the grass or mow the lawn without removing the Double Dog Run??

Can you cut the grass or mow the lawn without removing the Double Dog Run??

The simple answer is YES you can still mow the grass with the Double Dog Run Tie Out System installed in the ground.

Many people always worry about having the install and uninstall a tie out for the grass company or for when you cut the grass yourself.  There is no need to completely take the entire tie out out of the ground for that.  

As you can see from the picture above there is a quick link that connects the main swivel to the Jaw and Eye swivel that comes out of the topper.  Simply unscrew the quick link and remove both leashes.

You will also notice that the base plate is almost flush to the ground with our tie out system.  This is where you can run the mower or blades over it and get all the grass around the base plate without destroying the topper.  

We made a video to help we made a video to help our customers understand how this is done and ensure that the Double Dog Run is not only known for the fact that it is the only tangle free tie out for dogs; the most secure and strongest tie out on the market; and now, it is truly headache-free in the fact that you don't have to completely uninstall the tie out system to mow the grass.


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