Best Tie Out for Dogs- Strong, Portable and Tangle-free!

Strongest Tie Outs for Dogs

  Double Dog Run System

If you are seeking a strong, dependable tie out stake and cable system for your dog, there is no need to look further!

We are the Double Dog Run System- although we initially started this company as the ONLY tangle-free tie out for TWO dogs; it wasn't too soon after we found out that our customers with only ONE dog were interested in the system as well.

Now that we have sold over 2000 Dog runs world wide in the past 3-4 years; we realized that all dog owner can benefit from our system and we wanted to let you know.
No Tangles allowed Double Dog Run Tie Outs

The market for single dog owners has grown and the need for a tangle-free tie out is really important for the safety and security of the dog and it's owners.  Our tie out system was designed to to give dogs the closest feel to freedom as possible. The Tie out system is not only strong, but tangle free in 360 degrees of moment, in any direction at anytime.

Quick fact:  Our tie outs are actually tested to withstand more pulling force than the recommended weight limit.  That's how strong they are.

Most Tie outs are invasive and simply just don't work.  If you have a very, very mellow dog, then the average tie out will work just fine.

But, how many of us really have a mellow dog??

Dogs are rambunctious and Houdini's of escape;  jumping, pulling, digging, wrestling, rolling and so much more!  They should FEEL like they are playing freely with a limit, but not tied out on our system.  That is was out goal and with the reviews we have gotten we are so happy our customers have grown to love our product.

So, whether you have one dog or two, the Double Dog Run System is perfect for you and your pooch.  Safe, secure freedom to let your dog do what it wants!

Non Tangle Dog Tie Out System

Single Dog Tie Outs 
Tangle free and the strongest around!

Small / Medium Dog Tie Out

  • 10" Spiral Tie Out Stake
  • Solid, ABS, All Weather Base Plate
  • Thick Flex Tangle-free Topper
  • Solid Tangle-free Hardware
Weight Limit: 500 lbs.

Large and X-Large Dog Tie Out

  • 16" Spiral Tie Out Stake
  • Solid, ABS, All Weather Base Plate
  • Thick Flex Tangle-free Topper
  • Solid Tangle-free Large Hardware
Weight Limit: 800 lbs.

There is no question that our dog tie outs are the best out there for all dogs!  We make it quality, durable, tangle free and headache free!

Thanks for reading!


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