Fall 2015 - Tie Out for Two Dogs Update

Tie out for dogs that does not tangle

Double Dog Run System is coming into the 
Fall of 2015 with a bang!

We have expanded our sales to Amazon.com in the U.S. and are moving onto Amazon Canada!

As we move toward another year of dog Tie out sales- we want to thank all our customers for all their kind words and great Testimonial!

Here are few that we love:

"A must for dog owners!!! By far the best purchase I've made for my dogs so far!! They get to enjoy running around the yard and playing like a bunch of crazy fools....AND I get to keep my sanity that I was losing from them ALWAYS getting tangled. The only downfall of the system...this amazing product has turned my dogs into cry babies who never want to be in the house anymore!!!"   
-Melissa M. - via Facebook 

 "We just received our system in the mail and I was able to set it (almost) all by myself in about 10 minutes and my dogs are SO HAPPY!!!! They get to go out together and play and run in the yard and have more freedom. On our traditional dog tie out, only one doggy could play outside at a time, and it would constantly get tangled around other stuff. The dogs also only had about 25 ft worth of freedom to roam. Where's the fun in that??! So thankful that we found this system!! Thanks a million from my furry little family!!!" 
-Lacey W. -via Facebook 

 "Your product saved the day for us! We live in a community without fenced yards, with two 125 lb., ten month old puppies we need a solution that would work for us beyond daily walks through the neighborhood, allowing them to play together and not constantly coming entangled. Both our Newfie boys and our family have been thrilled with the results! Installation was a breeze and the components have held up well, given our boy’s exponential growth over the last six months." 
-Bob P. - Milwaukee, WI 

"Just wanted to let you know that I love your product!! The Double Do Run is great for my two large dogs keeping their leashes from getting all tangled up!! I have a Belgian Malinois male dog about 52 lbs and a mixed Malinois/Sheperd female about 63 lbs. By the way the Malinois is the same dog used in the SEAL team that got Bin Laden! Before I would have their leashes on different places and they were always getting tangled up. I would spend 10 minutes a day just untangling them! With your DDR system no more tangling and the dogs have more room to do their own thing. Also your customer service is top notch!! You have responded very quickly to any questions or concerns I have had and also replaced a leash with no problems or hassles. Thank you very much and I fully endorse this product! My male Malinois is in training for protection, search, and bomb detection right now and is very hard on your product but it has held up!"   
-Terry C. - Ohio

"LOVE LOVE LOVE our Double Dog Run! We have 2 Great Dane mix breed dogs (120 lbs each) and the Two dog XL kit works like a dream... We take it camping and FINALLY are not constantly trying to untangle them. My husband can now install it in just a few minutes (seriously, he's got it down to maybe 5 minutes). They can roam around & hang out, even play with each other, and you think for SURE this time they're tangled. But nope, those cables slide apart like magic! Worth every penny!"
-Ty C. -  Bancroft, Michigan 

If you have any questions of comments about our Tie Out for Two Dogs that does not tangle Contact US today!


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