Portable Tie Out / Tether That Will Hold Your Dogs in Place

Not only is this the strongest and the only tangle-free dog tie out system for one or two dogs but it is also...

Take the Double Dog Run tie out system with you anywhere.  
This double dog run can be installed or uninstalled in less than 10 minutes and can be taken anywhere you go.  Now, take your dog or dogs with you anywhere you go and enjoy freedom with the safety of leashes.

We took the whole crew down to the creek and yes, the Double Dog Run too!!

I installed the tie out stake and tie out cables right next the the water in a secure area and allowed the dogs to play in the water without the fear of them running off.

My dogs get hooked on a scent and thats it, they are gone! So, my girls have to be on a tie out cable, unfortunately.  However, with the Double Dog Run tie out system I was happy to have them with us.
I did have to mind the rocks in the area, but it was a great experience.  And, yes, that is my daughter in the picture with my two pups!

I have many people who take Double Dog Run with them camping, traveling, hunting, lakes.... if you have any other places you've taken your pups or any other suggestions let me know!


  1. Do you know where we can purchase one of these? I went to the website and they were all sold out. My wife and I could really use one of these.

    1. Hello- the product is back in stock with FREE shipping and a 15% off all the small dog runs. http://doubledogrunsystem.com


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